Sustainable Business International is a consulting firm founded and led by Sandra Taylor, who understands that environmental sustainability and social responsibility are essential priorities of any modern business. In addition to fostering care for our environment and communities, this can provide an engaging platform for positive marketing and public relations. Additionally, being a responsible company is deeply tied to the well-being of employees, your community, your family and society in general, both now and in the future.

Taylor’s expert approach is to, first, help clients develop sustainability strategies aligned with their products, geographies, main lines of business, and that are material to their unique supply chains. Next we propose plans to engage critical stakeholders and ultimately to achieve important certifications and endorsements, attesting to the company’s authenticity as a responsible corporate citizen — whether that be a coffee company, electronics manufacturer, vineyard or winery. Finally we support clients in communicating their environmental and philanthropic goals and successes.

In the current global economy there is much concern regarding environmental protection, global warming, carbon impacts, biodegradable packaging, water usage, degradation of the soil, in short, how we treat the planet today and what we leave for the future. Our goal is to help our clients design and implement environmental and socially responsible programs that will help their businesses succeed, and help the communities in which they operate thrive.

However, being a responsible business requires not just caring for the natural environment, but also a greater commitment to social justice and human rights, a commitment at the heart of Sustainable Business International LLC (SBI).

Through Taylor’s breadth and depth of experience and her remarkable global outreach, our clients have set new environmental and social benchmarks in agriculture, coffee, cocoa, tea and wine; in retail; in chemical manufacturing; and in electronics, thus becoming trailblazers in global sustainability.

Welcome to SBI. We invite you to explore our site, learn more about our passion for a world based on environmental and social responsibility and discover for yourself how sustainable development will help make this a better world for all.




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